Piera Romeo

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"I am a kind person, be kind to the people you will meet today and always".

Piera Romeo
My yarn
I use only the highest quality yarn, not chemically treated and selected by myself
Piera Romeo is an Italian brand of handmade clothes and limited edition jewels.
All garments are made to order, ethically handmade by me, Piera.
The garments are all limited edition and many are unique models
Piera Romeo

Piera Romeo Design is an indipendent italian brand.
Each creation is a unique piece of ART TO WEAR: a jewel, a dress or an accessory is a sign of art that characterizes our personality.
SLOW FASHION, WHAT MEANS FOR ME: each items is made to order. This philosophy allows me to have a sustainable shop, zero waste, the customer chooses his/her garment in the color he/she loves. In the same way, I get my passion and my love for my art and I'll make a handmade garment with care and dedication.
When you rely on me, you find all of this. And something more.
PIERA'S STUDIO: my work-space is an attic full of yarns and books, located in a small town in northern Italy, not far from the mountains. I work in a quiet and peaceful place.
"Art to wear: a jewel, a dress or an accessory is a sign of art that characterizes our personality."

- Piera Romeo -
Phone: +39 3338990939 / E-mail piera.romeo@gmail.com
Via Guglielmino, 6 - 10071 Borgaro Torinese (TO)

Made in Italy  

Copyright Piera Romeo 2023
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